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Wafer Level Advanced Parameter Measurement System

For parametric testing that maximizes the productivity of technicians and engineers in R&D, the Model 4200-SCS Semiconductor Characterization System combines lab-grade DC and pulse device characterization, real-time plotting, and analysis with high precision and sub-femto amp resolution in a fully integrated characterization system. Options include the Model 4210-CVU Capacitance-Voltage Unit, Model 4225-PMU Ultra-Fast I-V Module, Model 4220-PGU Pulse Generator Unit, and Model 4225-RPM Remote Amplifier/Switch.

The local chambered WaveLink probe station from Signatone provides the perfect probing foundation for parametric testing with the 4200-SCS. Integrated with the 4210-MMPC-L cabling system allows seamless parametric testing with up to 4 probes. The Wavelink local chamber probe station is available in 200mm or 300mm; manual or semiautomatic configurations. The removable panels of the local chamber allow maximum versatility of probe placement and integration with the 4225-RPM. A variety of linear motion micropositioners assure micron and sub-micron placement of the probe tips. Probe tips are guarded to within 1mm of the contact. The guarded triaxial chuck is available in ambient, heated or hot/cold configurations.

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