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Company Name: Requestor:
Address: City/State/Zip:
Phone: Fax:
P.O.#: Rel.#:
Device Name: Qty:
New Order Re-Order Change Order (permanent)
Probe Card Information
Number of Probes:
Card Technology/Type: Edge Sensor: Board Style:
Epoxy Number of E.S. Round Leads
Blade Two wire (Std.) Rect Leads/Length
Ceramic Blade Two wire isolated 7 3/8" (L)
Other: Three wire 8 3/8" (XL)
Three wire isolated 9 3/8" (XXL)
11 3/8" (XXXL)
12 3/8" (XXXXL)
Additional: Location: Depth:(from bottom of board)
Check Point Data Scribe line 80 mils. + 10/-5 (Std.)
Traces Specified Active Pad 180 mils. + 10/-5
Wiring Requirements Special Instructions Other + /-
Number of patch wires:
Number of jumper wires:
All pins in
Mount Capacitors
Mount Resistors
Tip Diameter: 2.0 mils. (Std.) 1.5 mils. 1.0 mils. Other mils.
Tip Length: 7 mils. (Std.) 10 mils. Other mils.  
Tip Shape: Flat (Std.) Radius Semi-Radius Sharp
Probe Material: Tungsten (Std.) BeCu Palladium  
  Tungsten-Rhenium "H" BeCu    
Special Instructions:
Please note orientation of wafer with respect to edge connector or keypin and the addition of caps or resistors (with values; if applicable) on a supplied drawing. This will eliminate any delay’s in your new order. For a copy of the documentation to be supplied before receipt of probe card; please include a e-mail address and/or a fax number.
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