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Signatone's -65°C to +200°C Mercury Hot/Cold Chuck

Signatone Probe Stations

Signatone offers a wide array of probe stations that can accept the Mercury Hot / Cold Chuck systems. Signatone CheckMate probe stations can incorporate Signatone’s local chamber that provides a dry and shielded environment directly around the wafer chuck area, eliminating the need to purge the volume of a large dark box.


  • Ultra-fast transition times
  • Single-stage chiller
  • Coolant never > +10°C
  • We've been doing hot chucks for 25 yrs.


  • Improved test throughput, time-to-test
  • Simple, reliable, low MTTR No volatilization =
  • No fluid loss = Save $
  • We know what we're doing
Mercury Thermal System:
-65 to 200 °C
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