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Signatone S-1160 Probe Station
  The S-1160 Probe Station is a rugged, economically priced probe station that can be fitted with either high powered optics for probing small geometries or lower powered optics for probing bonding pads and larger geometries.

The S-1160 Probe Station is available in a variety of configurations for applications including RF probing, low current (femtoamp range) probing, failure analysis, thermal probing and other uses. The S-1160 will accept both magnetic base and vacuum base micropositioners and is equipped with vacuum ports for up to twelve vacuum base micropositioners. The S-1160 Probe Station has a proven track record for reliability and functionality at an attractive price.

The S-1160B Probe Station set up for use with low powered optics The S-1160A Probe Station set up for use with high powered optics
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