Probe Cards
Prob card holders   Semi-Probes, Inc., currently, offers numerous probe card technology types... Epoxy, blade, ceramic and co-axial. Our probe cards are all offered using our standard, off the shelf, pcb or if you would like a custom pcb can be used. In addition to this; the, majority, of our probe cards can range from 1 - 500 points.
Probe Card Accessories
probe card accessories   Semi-Probes, Inc., currently, offers numerous probe card accessories... Replacement epoxy probes, replacement, metal and ceramic blade arm assemblies, cable assemblies, mother boards, pcbs, load boards, etc. The list goes on. We offer just about all of the probe card accessories, currently, offered in the semiconductor market today.
Probe Card Repair
Probe Card Repair   Semi-Probes, Inc., has offered our probe card repair service for 31 long years... In this amount of time we were, still, able to maintain reasonable cost. Our, current, cost for probe card repair is $55.00 per hour. In addition; all of our probe card technicians have been in the industry for a minimum of 15 years. This experience pays off when it comes to repairing damaged probe cards.
Load Boards
load board   Semi-Probes, Inc., currently, offers population of numerous load board types, shapes and sizes… Round, square, rectangle, short, long, thin, thick, etc. The population of our load boards are, typically, done using resistors, capacitors, relays and inductors, however, we are able to populate just about any type of component on the market today. In addition; we are, also, able to interpret just about any type of bom diagram, lists etc. provided for assembly.
Printed Circuit Board Design
Printed Circuit Board Design   Semi-Probes, Inc., currently, offers a vast array of pcb designs... From the straight forward 2 layer to the more complex 3+ layer designs. Our, experienced, printed circuit design technicians will work with you one of one to meet your pcb, current, design needs. We, also, offer our printed circuit design service at both a reasonable cost and lead-time. For more information please contact us at (408) 866-6535.
Machining   Semi-Probes, Inc., currently, offers machining of just about all of the materials offered on the market today… Aluminum, steel, G-10, FR4, FR5, polyimide, macor ceramic, etc. The list goes on. We, also, offer the same machining capabilities and tolerances that are performed by exclusive machine shops. Our machinists, currently, have a combined experience of 35 years and counting. In addition; our machining is offered at both a reasonable cost and lead-time.
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