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CAT - Process Chamber Assurance Tool
Dedicated to improving Process Performance.

Designed to test pressure sensors, mass flow controllers, pump performance, and chamber integrity.

Signatone Chamber Assurance Tool
Chamber Assurance Tool
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CAT is used primarily for

  • Performance monitoring of process tool components to prevent unscheduled down time and maintenance
  • Fingerprinting of high yield process tools for system matching with like tools
  • Brining new and down systems online and into specification
  • Baselining tools before starting a run

Key Features

  • A small foot print for easy maneuverability around the fab
  • NIST traceable independent reference which may easily be moved from one tool to another
  • Windows based easy to use graphical software
  • Four security levels of operators allowing administrators and engineers to design test and operators to run the test unassisted
  • IN-SITU analysis meaning that the tools are tested in their actual running environment with all the system sensors, MFCs and electronics in place
  • Pressure sensor noise, quality, calibration and zeroing test
  • Pump speed, speed at a given pressure and time to base test
  • Volume measurement, leak-up rate
  • Mass Flow Controller linearity, gain and offset over a defined range
  • MFC setpoint performance tests mean flow, time to control, control deviation, maximum flow, and rate of rise
  • Residual Gas Analysis (optional)

User Friendly Features

Windows Software Interface

The control software operates under Windows 95 (or Windows98). Cue cards and help screens navigate operators through the test procedures making testing a simple operation. A great deal of flexibility allows engineers to design the full array of test or focus on one area of concern.


The CAT software features four levels of security. Operators may run all of the configured test. Service security level users may run tests and view configurations to assure the CAT is working properly. Engineer level users may define the test specifications for each process tool and components. Finally, the owner has full access to all controls including defining the security levels of the other users.
CAT Software
CAT Software
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System Status

The status view displays the active system with the components presently under test. Graphic representations of gas flows and valves opening provide a birds eye view of the overall configuration. Setting up configurations for multiple process chambers is made simple by the pre-loaded defaults and copy configuration features. Each CAT system comes pre-loaded with factory specifications for most MFCs and manometer types. Selecting the model number automatically loads the default settings. Also, once a process system's configuration is completed, copying the configuration for like process systems is just a couple of mouse clicks away.

Mechanical Features

The CAT has four swivel wheels t assure easy movement into corners and narrow race ways. The small foot print of 20" by 24" adds to maneuverability. A utility drawer provides a great place for storing cables, adapters and spare components. A retractable power cord and flexcoil reference connections prevent unwanted cables dragging behind when moving from process. Stainless steel skins ensure class 1 clean room compliance.

Performance Specifications
Pressure Sensor (specified for 10 Torr Reference)

  • Pressure Sensor Zero Offset to within 1 mTorr
  • Pressure Sensor Slope Errors to within +0.5%
  • Pressure Sensor Linearity Deviation to within 2 mTorr

Chamber Leak Rate

  • Actual Rate of Rise to better than 1 mTorr/minute

Pumping Performance

  • Measurement of pumping speed over a user defined range
  • Defined pump-down to target within 1 second
  • Base pressure to within 1 mTorr

Mass Flow Controller

  • Average Flow rate to within +0.5% FSR
  • Time to come into controlled flow to within 1 second
  • RMS deviation from average flow rate
  • Graphical display of real time flow information & analysis
  • Zero offset to <+0.5% FSR
  • Gain to <0.5% FSR
  • Linearity to <0.5% FSR


  • Repeatability is better than 1% (typically 0.1%). Test results are correctly compensated for system temperature and leak rate where applicable
  • Depending on the configuration, the CAT will characterize equipment from 1x10-4 Torr to 100 Torr
  • Dimensions: which 29.25",depth 26", height 52"
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