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Signaton Probing Accessories
Signatone Low Current Probing Low Current Probing
Measuring femtoamps at temperature using triaxial probing technology.

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Signatone Four-Point Probes Four-Point Probes
Wide range of resistivity test equipment including an economical Four-Point Probe mounting stand and four point probe heads.

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	Vibration Isolation Tables Vibration Isolation Tables
Create a virtually vibration-free working environment with a Kinetic Systems Vibration Isolation Table.

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Diagnostic Laser Cutting Systems Diagnostic Laser Cutting Systems
Prober mountable laser systems for trace cutting and material trimming.

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Signatone Board Mount Chuck Board Mount Chuck
Ideal for mounting small PC boards and odd shaped devices that can not be held down by vacuum.

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Computer Aided Probing Computer Aided Probing
Greatly reduces the time and effort required in analyzing a semiconductor device failure and provides greater protection for the device under test.

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Probe Station Dark Boxes Probe Station Dark Boxes
Provide a shield against RF and light for the purpose of making low current or light sensitive measurements.

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Thermal Probing Systems Thermal Probing Systems
Signatone manufactures thermal chucks (hot and cold) for a wide range of applications.

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Microscope / Laser Stand Microscope / Laser Stand
Ideal for inspection of 4", 6" or 8" wafers or for stand-alone laser applications.

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Signatone Merlin Chiller Merlin Chiller
Compact portable line of refrigerated recirculators ranging in cooling capacity from 810 watts to 5045 watts.

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picoprobe Active Probes Picoprobe Active Probes
Active probes with low input capacitance for probing internal nodes.

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-Vac Portable Vacuum Pump S-Vac Portable Vacuum Pump
Quiet, oilless, compact and portable vacuum pump.

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