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CAP-946 Computer-Aided Positioner
The CAP-946 Computer-Aided Positioner is a motorized micropositioner that is designed to be controlled by any of the Signatone Solutions Computer Aided Probing Systems or by the Signatone CM4-j Joystick / thumbwheel controller. CAP-946 micropositioners provide "hands-off" probing and can take advantage of the programmable capabilities that computer aided probing offers.

The Signatone Solutions CAP-946 user interface supports the programmable X, Y, Z axes with arrow keys and Program Point Navigation. The software can learn to probe point coordinates and save them to a disk file for future recall. Once the new device is aligned, simply run the coordinate map and watch the probe accurately step through the saved points.

Signatone Solutions Software is a Windows-based, icon-driven software user interface which supports live video, Point-N-Shoot, multi-axis tracking, and a "pseudo align" feature for improved positional accuracy.

CAP-946 Computer-Aided Probe
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