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WL-250 Semi-Automatic RF Probe Station
The WaveLink 250 Probe Station represents the upper limit in computer-controlled analytical wafer probing. Designed to be the flagship of our RF/MW line, it is equally at home at 5 fA as it is at 110 GHz. Whether you simply need EMI or RFI isolation, or frost-free characterization at -65°C, the WL-250 should be your platform of choice.


  • 200mm XY stage travel
  • Independent cal and wafer chuck
  • 50mm platen range, with lock
  • 50mm programmable microscope transport
  • Pneumatic 4" microscope lift
  • Chuck X-Y Resolution: .1µ
  • Chuck X-Y Repeatability: 1µ
  • Chuck X-Y Accuracy: ±3µ
  • Chuck Z Resolution: .1µ
  • Chuck Z Accuracy: .25µ
  • Chuck Θ: ±6 degrees
  • Download WL-250 Semi-Automatic RF Probe Station Information
WL-250 Semiautomatic RF
Probe Station
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