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WL-210 RF / Microwave Probe Station

The Signatone analytical probe station is recognized as the performance / value leader in the microprobing market. The WaveLink Series extends this expertise into the RF & MW sector, historically subjugated by more expensive alternatives.

While RF & MW probing have been classified by some as a difficult, mysterious application, this is no longer the case. Any modern probe station precise enough to contact a sub-micron line is certainly stable enough to hit a 100m pad with a 50m RF probe. What's more, in the past decade, we have seen improved network analyzers having more stability, accuracy, and ease of use. Signatone believes your probe station should be equal to the application requirements.

Building on the proven CheckMate architecture, and in consultations with our installed base of RF technologists, Signatone has incorporated many features into the WaveLink Series unique to the world of VNA's and coplanar probes.

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WL-210 RF / Microwave
Probe Station

WL-210E Probe Station

Many applications benefit from an isolated probing environment, such as full-range thermal, 1/f, noise-figure, load-pull, and low-leakage CV/IV probing, yet don't require a fully-automated platform.

Offering mechanical isolation and precise sub-µ positioning, the WL-210E Probe Station is the ideal choice, while still retaining the option to upgrade to semi-automatic in the future.

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WL-210E Probe Station

WL-1160 Probe Station

  • Picoprobe G-S-G microwave probe heads for frequencies up to 67 Ghz
  • Sturdy manipulators with one inch X-Y range
  • Calibration substrates with software
  • Stable low cost manual probe station Ø Smart semiautomatic probe station with automatic calibration routines

Microwave probing on wafer level devices requires several components. Signatone working together with Picoprobe offers a complete turnkey package including.

  • G-S-G microwave probes
  • Calibration substrate for probes
  • Sturdy manipulators
  • Manual or semiautomatic probe station

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WL-1160 Probe Station

G-S-G Probes by Picoprobe

Picoprobe offers two probe heads; the model 40 for frequencies of DC to 40GHz and the model 67 for frequencies of DC to 67GHz. Each head has a "K" connector for attaching the signal cable. Spacing between tips may be specified between 50m and 450m. The Picoprobe head uses a flextip technology on the ground lines.


Probe Heads by Picoprobe

Microwave Probe Head & Manipulator S-96MW

Signatone's model S-96MW features 25mm of X-Y translation and 12mm of Z. A pivot adjustment assures planer contact of the G-S-G probe. The micropositioner body has a rigid construction to assure no back lash when moving the probe head even with the rigid and semi-rigid signal cable attached to the probe head. The manipulator is available with magnetic or rigid mounting bases. Also, orientations of east, west, north and south permit up to 4 probes or wedges to be used simultaneously. The micropositioner will accept Picoprobe or Cascade microwave probe heads.

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Manual Microwave Probe Station

Signatone's model S1160MW probe station is available in 3 chuck sizes; 100mm, 150mm and 200mm. Each of the probe stations feature a four point platen lift for stable uniform lifting of probes with 1m repeatability. The X-Y stage features a coaxial knob control for X & Y control and resolution of 5m. An additional fine stage permits precise positioning to a micron. The microscope stage has 50mm of X-Y translation. It will accept either stereozoom or high-powered microscopes.

Calibration Substrate

A calibration substrate is available for the probe heads used from Picoprobe. The substrate includes shorts, opens, thrus, and 100Ω resistance load pads matched for the probe head spacing ordered.


Manual Microwave Probe Stations

Semiautomatic Microwave Probe Station

Signatone's smart semi automatics have a variety of options and features. It is available in 150mm or 200mm formats. The semiautomatic has the same sturdy features found in the manual probe station.

In addition, it has the ability to step and repeat as well as run automatically. Included as the probe station controller is an AT computer running Windows 3.1 based software.

Signatone Solutions software allows setting up of complex probing applications and easy control of all motions. The 'Point and Shoot' feature allows the user to point to the target probe site on the computer screen and the chuck will move to that position. The system also features 2 point alignment for quick aligning, wafer mapping ofgood or bad die, soft Z control and many other features.

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WL-250 Semiautomatic
RF Probe Station
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