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WL-1160 Probe Station
The WL-1160 RF / Microwave Probe Station has been designed for high-frequency, high-power, and millimeter wave applications where non-resonant operation is critical.

The WL-1160 Probe Station is available with 150mm and 200mm chucks for holding a wide variety of devices under test. The independent calibration chuck is located adjacent to the main chuck to improve calibration time and efficiency. The calibration chuck is designed to facilitate both landscape and portrait orientations, and is fabricated from a non-resonant polymer for calibration at higher frequencies.

The WL-1160 includes a 2" X 2" microscope stage for optimal viewing of the test area. The WL-1160 supports most StereoZoom and high-powered microscopes on the market today.

The WL-1160 Probe Station uses the same stable platform as its sister product, the S-1160 multipurpose probe station. The S-1160 and WL-1160 share the same versatility that allows use of probe cards, magnetic vacuum, and bolt-down base micropositioners, hot chucks, light-tight enclosures and many more essential accessories that give users the tools they need.


  • 150mm & 200mm manual X-Y motion control
  • 50mm X 50mm microscope stage control
  • Separate contact / separate and platen height control
  • Up to 30mm Z motion control of platen
  • Holds up to four S-96MW microwave micropositioners
  • Vacuum and DC manifolds standard
  • Download WL-1160 Product Brochure
WL-1160 Probe Station
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