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WL-210E Probe Station
A significant portion of leading-edge probing applications require that the wafer be enclosed in an environmental chamber, either for electrical shielding or to provide frost-free probing.

Traditional approaches use a variety of methods to provide this functionality, but they all share one significant limitation; mechanical interference between the stage and the enclosure. This makes ultra-fine positioning of the wafer extremely difficult, if not impossible. By eliminating the sliding plates commonly used to close off the bottom of the enclosure, and utilizing remote motor control, Signatone E-Manual stations give the best of both worlds; mechanical isolation and sub-µ positioning.

A 10:1 vernier switch solves the problem inherent in conventional manual leadscrew designs by providing rapid motion for large moves and precise control for final positioning of the wafer.

Like all Signatone probe stations, the WL-210E is fully upgradeable to support future probing requirements, including full-range thermal and semi-automatic configurations.

WL-210E Probe Station
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