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WL-210 RF / Microwave Probe Station
The Signatone analytical probe station is recognized as the performance / value leader in the microprobing market. The WaveLink Series extends this expertise into the RF & MW sector, historically subjugated by more expensive alternatives.

While RF & MW probing have been classified by some as a difficult, mysterious application, this is no longer the case. Any modern probe station precise enough to contact a sub-micron line is certainly stable enough to hit a 100m pad with a 50m RF probe. What's more, in the past decade, we have seen improved network analyzers having more stability, accuracy, and ease of use. Signatone believes your probe station should be equal to the application requirements.

Building on the proven CheckMate architecture, and in consultations with our installed base of RF technologists, Signatone has incorporated many features into the WaveLink Series unique to the world of VNA's and coplanar probes.

WL-210 RF /
Microwave Probe Station
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WL-210 Features

  • Massive 2" one-piece machined aircraft aluminum base for stability
  • Large heavy - duty nickel steel platen with 4 point planar lift
  • Fast, accurate and repeatable compound X-Y stage for sub-micron positioning
  • Accepts shards through 8" wafers, substrates, PCB's, and ultra-thin wafers
  • Independent platen height (locking) and contact / separate control
  • Non-ferrous chuck and stage assembly reduces magnetic interference and crosstalk
  • Supports bolt-down, vacuum, and magnetic base micropositioners
  • Banana / BNC / Triax chuck biasing
  • Quick-Change probe card holder option with independent theta adjust
  • In-The-Field upgrade options for semi-automatic, local enclosure, and thermal configurations
  • The tilt-back microscope provides unobstructed fixturing access
WL-210 Probe Station Features
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